Final Cut Pro X: Lesson Three Working With Text

In this lesson you’ll learn how to work with text in Final Cut Pro, including how to save a set of text attributes for later use. This lesson builds on the last lesson, so you must have at least three bumpers completed before you begin this lesson.

After you watch this lesson, please add the text “Coyote Digital Media” to the end of your three bumpers.  The text should be on screen for at least three seconds. You should place the text in an area where it makes the most sense. Also, you must make NEW bumpers for this assignment.  You may NOT use the ones created for the last assignment.

I will explain to you in class what you will be submitting for a grade.



NOTE:  For this assignment and all future assignments using music, you will be required to  put a music attribution in the corner of the video, stating  the name of the song, the artist’s name, and where the song is from (see illustration below). This should be on screen for the first four seconds of the video.

Sample of music attribution
Sample of music attribution with proper font and placement