Photography Assignment Two: Angles

  Angles and Interpretations

In this assignment you are to choose ONE of the three main staircases in the quad to photograph from a number of different angles. Please try to get at LEAST one shot that shows the entire staircase.  You may shoot close-ups of the rails, etc.  The idea is to show the many different views of the staircase as YOU see it.

As with the last assignment you should shoot a number of pictures and choose twenty for me to review with you.  From that we will select the best eight shots that show an understanding of the assignment. These pictures will then be posted to your web site, and you willcomment on the photos, using the following type of guiding questions:

1. What part of the assignment was most difficult to demonstrate in your photos?

2. Which of your photos do you think was the most successful, and why?

3. How did this assignment change the way you view taking pictures?

4. Other thoughts on the process.

These are guiding questions only, and you may choose to write about other aspects that occurred to you as you completed the project. This should be written in a journal format, so please refer to my gallery for examples of the type of writing I am expecting. This will count toward the writing tenet of your grade, so please take it seriously.

• All photos on this page by Jonathan Lustina, Class of 2018