Listed below are the lessons we’ll be covering this year. Before beginning any lesson, you should have completed the one preceding it, and received a grade for it from me. I encourage you, however,  to study the lesson once the link to that lesson has been made active. Also, I reserve the right to change, cancel, or rework lessons if I decide to do so.

Course Introduction and Expectations

Please watch this first video to learn the procedures for my class, as well as my expectations for you.

 Principles of Design: Learning to discuss your work

This lesson will give you the concepts and vocabulary you’ll need to discuss your work, and that of your classmates, in class this year.  You must pass the test for this lesson before you can move on to lesson one.

Proper Camera Handling Techniques

Before you can begin taking pictures, you’ll need to know the proper way to hold a camera.


Basic Composition

This is the foundation on which all of our future assignments will be built


Seeing one scene in a number of different ways.


Using objects in a photo to bring attention to your subject.


Understanding F/Stops and how they affect exposure.

Forced Perspective

Using your creativity and photo knowledge to create something fun