Photography Assignment Three: Framing

In this assignment you are to explore the campus and photograph items “framed” by other items in the area. For example, you might use the trees in the quad to frame someone walking to class, or you might use a piece of equipment in a classroom to frame the teacher or a student.

The concepts that we have learned in the earlier lessons still apply. I will be looking to see that you followed the basic rules of composition, and that you have done a good job at discovering natural framing for your subjects.

And please, don’t “fake” your shot by setting something up!

1. Shoot your pictures
2. Download into iPhoto
3. Delete your pictures from the camera
4. Choose and flag 20 pictures
5. Discuss with me
5a Shoot more photos if necessary, discuss again.  When approved;
6. Upload to Google Photos
7. Write your reflections on the assignment.
8. Share with me


Note: I took this picture at the Pearl Harbor Memorial in Hawaii when I was a photographer in the U.S. Navy.