Lesson 3: Framing

One of the best ways you can add some interest to your photographs is to find a way to naturally “frame” the subject. By doing so, you draw attention to focal point of the picture, which, of course, will be the object you have framed.

When choosing something to frame the subject, try to find something that is a natural part of the scene. Be sure that the item does not distract from the focal point, and that it adds to the overall appeal of the photo. Most importantly, avoid “staging” the scene. Work with what is available, and your picture will be authentic.

This baseball photo  is an excellent example of framing that happened by accident. The first baseman’s arm and leg make a natural frame that adds to the effectiveness of the picture. A picture like this would be almost impossible to set up, but knowing where to stand in such a situation can help improve your chances of getting such a shot. (Click on the photo to see a full-sized shot)


In this shot, the moon is framed by the Cosmopolitan and the Bellagio.  This was a specific choice by the photographer to use the buildings as a frame for the moon.