The History of Television: Creating your Presentation


For this assignment you will be creating a presentation that takes an in-depth look at some aspect of the history of television and video production.  You can work on this by yourself, or with ONE other person.


You can choose what you would like to submit for this project.  It can be a simple two to three page report, or a presentation using Prezi, Power Point, or Keynote.  You MAY NOT create a video for this assignment. I will accept other products for the assignment as long as they meet the following criteria:

1. They show an understanding of the chosen topic.
2. They involve writing and research (no posters or “Art Projects”)
3. They are creative and interesting.
4. You must get my approval before you start working on the project.

Note:  Unlike some projects, you will NOT be presenting this in front of the class.  For this assignment you will simply turn in your project (via Drop It To Me) and I will choose the best from each class to share with your classmates.


You may base your project on any of the following without having to get further permission:

  1. One of the three pioneers of television we studied
  2. The Today Show or broadcast news in general
  3. The Howdy Doody show
  4. The creation of television shows for children (prior to 1960)
  5. The Texaco Star Theater
  6. Any television show that began airing prior to 1955
  7. The actual invention of the television set

If you have another topic in mind, please clear it with me first, but remember it must have something to do with the creation of television as a broadcast medium.


For this project you will receive four grades.  You will be graded on:

Content Knowledge:  Did you show that you understood the topic you chose
Writing:  Grammar, spelling, and syntax all count!
Use of Resources:  How well did you use the internet, your computer, and the programs available to you?
Professional Communication (presentation): How much attention to detail did you put into the final product?