Video Excellence

The videos on this page were selected as the best submitted for our news programs.

School Board Video
Video by Edgar Garcia, John Biraogo, John Paul Avenido, Matt Vanderberg Jonathan Corral, and Francisco Reyes


Recruitment Video
Video by Edgar Garcia, Class of 2017



Show Open
Video by Francisco Reyes, Class of 2018

This is the first really successful video that was shot with the Glide-Cam, a difficult tool to use, that creates excellent video when you master it. I really like that Francisco chose to make this a “Slo-Mo” video, as it adds a level of depth that probably wouldn’t be there if it was edited at the standard speed. What’s especially nice is that the subjects in the video don’t appear to notice that they are being filmed, and even though it starts out away from the studio, it ends in the control room, making it especially appropriate as a show open.


Segment Open
Video by Edgar Garcia, Class of 2017

This video was created to open our “InFocus” segment of our show.  I really like that Edgar was basically able to use the name of the show as the theme of the video.  Moreover, he did an excellent job of framing the shot, and choosing an appropriate text and style.


Show Bumper
Video by Isaiah Scoville, Class of 2018

This video is a simple bumper with a very well-executed concept. The focus concept works so well because it’s a video of a guy taking a picture.  The other reason it works is because it IS so simple.


Show Open
Video by Caleb Hewitson, Class of 2018

This video was produced as a show open for Rout(e) 131, our daily news show. (It’s actually a remake of a video done a few years ago). The clarity of this version was especially good, as Caleb secured the GoPro camera to the hood of his car, rather than putting it inside the car and shooting through the windshield. The video contains a few seconds of black which is something I normally don’t like, but in this instance the black serves as a transition from the garage to the street, and is just the right length. Moreover, Caleb did a good job editing the video, and chose a good spot as the “return” from black.