Music and Sound Effect Links

Site Description
ccMixter • This is a site that is regularly used and highly recommended.
• Searching for music will be the hard part, but you’re bound to find something really good.
Free Music Archive • There’s a bunch of high-quality music to be found here.
• If you’re ever stuck trying to find something, or you want something quick, take a look at “10 Tracks to Sync”.
YouTube Music •royalty free music and sound effects you can use for your projects
PACDV • You’ll find a couple of instrumentals for free use on this site. 
• CC Licences aren’t used here
, the site just asks that you put “Music by sounds ” in the credits.
Taylor Hayward • Taylor Hayward is giving out some some of this piano songs completely free.
• No citation required.
Derek Audette • You will find instrumental tracks that are, for the most part, moody, dark, or hard driving.
Public Domain 4U • Music on this site is no longer protected, completely free for any user, because it’s music published prior to 1922.
Open Music Archive • Music here no longer has copyright, in the UK, because it’s over 50 years old.
• Check the FAQ to see more information on wether some of the content no longer has copyright in the U.S.
OPSOUND • Has several types of music.
Archive • This site has live recordings of popular bands.
• Music here can only be used for non-commercial purposes.
• Make sure you check to see if the band has any special policies.
Site Description
Sound Bible • Provides audio for schools, non profit agencies, and projects.
• One of the best places to get sounds.
PDSounds • 100% public domain sounds.