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Class Resources

2017-2018 Lower Third
Please use this lower third for all news and feature stories.  Click the link to download the lower third. The proper settings are shown below:














Guidelines for creating a video package

Naming Conventions
This lists the proper way to name your files before turning them into Dropbox. (VP2, VP3, and VP-AS only)

Font Standards
This is the font attributes for music attribution and Standard Font Style

Final Cut Pro Glossary
See a word while editing and wonder what it means?  Check this out!

Script Template
This is an MS Word template.  If you’re using Google Docs you’ll have to create a 2-column table to replicate this style.

GlideCam Tutorial
You’ll need to watch this video and then prove your proficiency with the GlideCam before you use it for your project.

Coyote Logo
For use on lower thirds.

The Soundbox

This video will show you how to properly use the soundbox.

Exporting Videos

This video shows students in Video One how to export video projects