Hello, 2018!

During third quarter, we’ll examine how the power of words and the role of truth impact  the present as well as the past–specifically, the events surrounding the Holocaust.  We’ll read Elie Wiesel’s  Night as well as excerpts from Anne Frank’s diary to see how memoirs are structured.  In addition, we’ll be looking at how to construct arguments and counterarguments in writing and in speech.


Second Quarter

This quarter we’ll follow our study of the tragic hero Oedipus by looking at another well-known tragic hero as we read and abridged version of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.  Following this look at fictional tragic heroes, we’ll study the real-world tragedy of the Holocaust and its heroes as we read Elie Wiesel’s novel Night and arguably the world’s most famous diary, The Diary of Anne Frank.

We’ll continue to practice writing skills, especially literary analysis, in preparation for future academic writing and for the End of Course exam in the spring.