Welcome Back!

Welcome back to school, and welcome to our incoming freshman!

Quick reminders:

  • Don’t forget to pay your course fee.  You can find/pay the fees for your class on the school website www.swcta.com or you can pay the school banker before or after school.
  • Fees are due by September 16, 2016.  Don’t wait until the last minute, that line gets looooooonnnnnggggg.
  • If paying your fees poses a financial hardship, see Ms. Sheldon after school or make an appointment with your counselor.
  • For all students paying their fees on time, we will have a drawing for a high quality pair of titanium fabric shears (one per class, for a total of 6 pair awarded)
  • Make sure you have all your supplies (except for fabric) in class after Labor Day.
  • Please remember to return your signed course expectations acknowledgement page.  It is due September 5, 2016.

Looking forward to a great year!!!

Ms. Sheldon