For students entering Algebra II H


Below you will find your first assignment of the school year. In order to receive full credit you need to show all your work! Sample exercises and word problems  precede the ones that you need to solve.

For students entering Algebra II H


PBL Name of the project: Am I ready?

Many decades of research have shown that taking practice tests boosts student learning.

The PBL will concentrate only on this method of study since is proven to be the most effective.

The end product of your PBL will be an individual study guide presented in the traditional pen and paper format and a digital study guide for the entire classroom.

DIGITAL STUDY GUIDE: Each GROUP needs to explain ONE very difficult problem of the practice test and present this explanation in a digital format. It could be done as a video, a Prezi, an audio file, a PowerPoint.

TRADITIONAL STUDY GUIDE: Each student will choose at least TEN difficult problems on the practice test. You will solve them asking for help from any member of your group, any classmate, any website of your choice. I suggest using:
Yay math
Khan academy
If none of these methods are proven helpful to you then you need to ask the teacher.
Each problem needs to be  presented on a different piece of paper and its source needs to be clearly stated on top.

All necessary forms can be found as attachments in Google Calendar.


Flipping the classroom!

Great news! As we are getting closer to the end of the first quarter I would like to enrich your face-to-face learning  experience. I will do that by blending the direct instruction with online presentations. From now on you will be watching in advance the videos posted for the new lesson. Let’s say that you had an Algebra class on Monday, October the 13th and your next class will be on Wednesday, October the 16th. Click on Wednesday’s calendar and watch the videos. By the time you come to class you will have a general idea of the new concept that will be introduced and you already have seen few types of problems that will be covered in class. At least once a week you will be given a short quiz at the beginning of the class (no more than 5 questions) and the grade will be place under the   “Use of resources” tenant. The types of questions present on the quiz will be like the following:

Did the presenter solved an equation, graphed a function or solved a system of equations?

Was the presenter a male or a female?

Did the presenter use a graphing calculator?

Did the function graphed was a linear or a quadratic function?

No question will test if you understood the procedure. The quiz is intended to check if you watched the video. There are no make up quizzes under this tenant.


Interactive notebooks

There are now new rules governing interactive notebooks for the rest of the year. Here are some of the important points we need to be follow:

  1. You have a notebook which is for math and only math. No other subjects should be in the notebook. That allows me to collect a notebook without you missing anything from another class.
  2. Three ring binders are not allowed for notebooks.
  3. When you cover a section in your book, you’ve been writing the section title in your  notebook; for example, “10.3 Circles”.
  4. You now need to write the objective of each section in your notebook.
  5. Every page of your interactive notebook now needs be numbered.
  6. Every interactive notebook must now have a table of contents.  The table of contents will list each section in your notebook, for example 10.3 Circles and then give the page number for it. If I turn to that page in your notebook then I should find the notes for Circles.


Welcome Back!

Welcome to the 2011-2012 school year! I am looking forward to meeting all of you, as well as seeing some familiar faces again.  To  find out what you are missing while you are home sick, click on the links at the top of the page for your course. Clicking on the calendar dates, you will get  more information.

As you read through the lesson plans you will need to open an attachment. Please make sure that you have Microsoft Office Word 2007 or a newer edition. I will also attach the same document as a *.pdf file so you could open it !

For any questions please write me an email


Good luck on your placement test!